Diablo's Discotheque

so we didnt do a halloween mix this year, but i did...two, in fact.

and "this is some vampire nightclub shit right here"
-seth troxler

for decades after WWII Halloween Eve in The D became known as "Devil's Night". Every year on Oct. 30th Detroit would see a ridiculous amount of vandalism and arson. with that out of the way wikipedia can tell you the rest. regarding the mix though:

after closing my eyes and picturing DJ Dark Prince rocking a party in the Seventh Layer of Hell I took the following approach:
capture the spirit and essence of the holiday and present it like any good horror/slasher/monster/zombie film does; at times macabre, haunting, messy, eerie, foggy, dark, cheeky, lugubrious, humorous, self aware, DIY, and even occasionally terrifying and stunning.

The results blend together: dubstep, instrumental prog, headphone hip hop, garage rock, synth wave, french film score, acid, minimal, and of course, house and techno.

Pressing play on this while carving pumpkins at your costume ball is guaranteed to bob your apple.