dana & brian go to oz

two of our very own touched down in sarah's motherland to spread the good word of face omelet...and hang with fun comic book folks. along they way, they encountered punky girl bands and a koala bear named barnacle. sadly, only one of those is included here in their nod to all things down under.

click the link below to download the dana & brian go to oz compilation.


freaks, faggots, drunks, & junkies

it's difficult to tell whether jake's intention here was to highlight some of the more socially transgressive artists of our time or if he was simply just trying to make a commentary about his friends. one thing is for certain; it's destined to remain one of life's greatest mysteries.

click the link below to download jake weisman's compilation freaks, faggots, drunks, & junkies


desperate to impress

sarah enjoys making mix cds and shooting photographs. both are showcased within this post. on her introductory disc she impresses us all with foam dinosaurs, japanese stationary stickers, duct tape, and, most of all, her wide ranging musical selections.

click the link below to download sarah brown's compilation desperate to impress


20 ways to get me dancing @ your party

Di provides us all with her tried and true recipe for rumpshaking. Her twenty ingredients reach across fifty years of music; giving us everything from el debarge to elvis presley...not alphabetically speaking.

click the link below to download diana won's 20 ways to get me dancing @ your party.


tripping with sauce

jake and sauce decide to take a psychedelic trip. looking to temporarily lose their minds; they instead permanently lose their innocence. this life altering event is now forever immortalized over a span of twelve tracks that dive deep into the ambient abyss.

click the link below to download jake weisman's tripping with sauce compilation.