To Pointe Eau

we're all growns up now. no more sippy cups and strollers for us. although nothing truly earth-shattering has happened to our web baby, here are the highlights:

  1. brand spanking new sexy smooth layout
  2. commenting bug has been fixed
  3. blogroll added - i pilfered through our members' listed pages. feel free to leave a comment with a blog you'd like to see added or removed
  4. proper photo citation

to celebrate these monumental technological leaps, and our upcoming meeting , i've uploaded a lost gem from our rich archives. check the previous post for jay edwards' mush mouth compilation. now, just brian's initial guilty pleasure's disc needs to be added to complete our digital collection. very exciting.

(image source - t-e-s)

mush mouth

The proud man in the photo above is most certainly not the President of Face Omelet's Atlanta Wing, Jay Edwards. This gem of a gent is Cleveland legend "Mushmouth" Mariano Pachetti. In the 70's, he dominated the sport of competitive pizza eating. A regular on "The Hoolihan & Big Chuck Show," he displayed the uncanny skill to devour a pie in minutes. For this comp, our very own Jay Edwards shows us this ability translated to the world of compact discs.

Click the link below to download jay's mush mouth compilation.


(image source - cleveland plain dealer)