Shake Your Groove Thang

Kristin Smith is a woman of many talents. Croquet, Bocce Ball and some of the wittiest emails writings you will ever receive. Some things you may not know about her include: her love of southern indian food, she pronounces "Bill" like "Belle" and her deep, driven, unwavering love for DISCO.

Kristin's Disco Freak Out Dance Party! Mix lifted the club to its highest highs (after one of the lowest lows) and got everyone boppin in their chairs. Especially Diana Won and Todd Stolarski. Although you probably couldn't stop those kids from boppin to most anything with a beat if you tried. A FUNKALICIOUS BEAT.


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t-e-s said...

there's been a recent trend in dance music that has producers taking your standard disco classic and editing the shit out of it before they anonymously release it in white label fashion under a veil of mystery.

seldom felt just randomly dropped their fifth release to record distributors. its blinding and apt for the time.

a bomb ass edit of sylvester's "you make me feel (mighty real)", it should get you(and kristin)dancing at your next shindig.

go on and git it: