every time i look into your eyes i see the future

under his dj moniker kumate, todd digitally dives deeper down the rabbit hole over fifteen tracks that each passed the litmus test on the theory that if the beat's alright, they'll dance all night.

click the link below to download todd stolarski's compilation kumate - every time i look into your eyes i see the future



t-e-s said...


01 telefon tel aviv – made a tree on the world
02 royksopp – royksopp forever
03 damian lazarus – moment
04 minilogue – my teenager gang
05 axel boman – acrimboldo
06 seth troxler – aphrika
07 george g & livio & roby – invers de palma
08 2020 soundsystem – sliding away (johnny d vocal mix)
09 laurent garnier – gnanmankoudji (horny monster mix)
10 portable – ok then
11 josh wink – counter clock
12 redshape – blood into dust
13 ben klock – subzero
14 eqd – equalized 2 b1
15 animal collective – my girls

mixed in one take using virtual dj on my mac. mixed without pre-fader listening. so essentially; i hear it when you do.

the download link in the post was for the mix broken into tracks as it appears on cd. below is a link to the mix as one continuous mp3 mix if you prefer.


hope you enjoyed!

t-e-s said...

brief walk-through:

01 - my favourite track off of what will most likely be their last album. one half of the duo, charlie cooper, died (apparent suicide) just days after its' release earlier this year.

02 - from the norwegian duo's forthcoming third album "junior".

03 - brit moved to san francisco's one sided release on get physical sees him collaborate with swedish twin sisters on vocals

04 - latest 12" from the brilliant swedish duo on japanese label mule...not the twins.

5 - i dont know a damn thing about this release

06 - my buddy seth from detroit now in berlin. rising young star (21) in electronic music and snappy dresser. uses a maya angelou poem for vocals here

07 - three romanian dudes getting freaky. their country is starting to turn out music at an alarming rate.

08 - ridiculous percussion + wicked vocal = summer bomb. this one will surely be huge all over the place this year solidifying johnny d's ascension in the ranks.

09 - the french legend returns with an epic tribal horned workout. from the forthcoming album "tales of a kleptomaniac".

10 - south african techno wunderkind alan abrams purely brings machines having sex. deep.

11 - philly acid-techno don doing what he does best.

12 - an mysterious guy who plays gigs throughout europe in a plain red mask. rumors swirl about his identity.

13 - this guy, along with the rest of his ostgut tontrager brethren, is the cream of the crop these days in the electronic music community. his whole debut full length "one" is a landmark.

14 - another anonymous producer outed to be a guy named 'shed' who released one of 2008's most acclaimed albums on the aforementioned "ostgut tontrager" label.

15 - jake hates these guys.

Jordache said...

I think number 10 is my favourite description.