every time i look into your pants i see the present (the love seat & the bed)

sun soaked make-out music is on full display here by todd stolarski under his kumate guise. this face omelet installment also sees the first digital only release with part two of his mix. each is included below in separate pieces for easy download. unmixed compilation available upon request. full tracklist and description in the comments section. click the links below to download kumate's "every time i look into your pants i see the present" pts.1&2 (the love seat & the bed)

d-o-w-n-l-o-a-d pt.1 (the love seat)

d-o-w-n-l-o-a-d pt.2 (the bed)

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t-e-s said...

the love seat (pt.1)

my overall approach to part one of this mix had me focusing on a few key elements:

I: make it feel as if the audience is in a sunny outdoor area.

II: use songs that aren't intended to mix/flow together

III: select music that has ushered me through love and loss

and with those three parameters i set out to provide a mix to make-out to.

1: quiet village - victoria's secret 2008: lead track off of radio slave's 70's soundtracky side project. warm, like holding hands for the first time.

2: antenna - camino del sol (todd terje remix)2007: balearic bliss that teaches they way of the sun. the joakim remix of this track tears a roof off.

3: herb alpert - rotation 1976: the ONLY time that bongos, progressive synths, and a trumpet have combined to produce something sexy...only

4: prins thomas - mammut 2009: jake told me he doesnt like prins thomas. if i have to ill force jake to like him. dirty cosmic disco number here.

5: dorau & kohncke - durch die nacht (geiger mix)2004: in the world of electronic music where tracks typically have a shelf life of 2 weeks,i still hear this track played out. seminal german vocal house

6: max berlin - elle et moi (joakim remix)2003: the broad influence of serge gainsbourg + italo disco = joakim's masterful interpretation.

7: frankie valentine - zumbi (henrik schwarz remix)2007: first two minutes of stomps and hand claps usher the beginning of a thundering rhino herd making their way across the serengeti. the last two minutes of the repeating filtered piano line that fizzles into my soul is the sunset on the serengeti.

8: future loop foundation - the sea and the sky (padded cell remix) 2007: i didnt mean to play this track. i meant to play the ashley beedle remix of this track. ooops. this one actually works better in the mix but was pissed for a moment when i brought this in instead. worked like a charm though.

9: matthew dear - don & sherri (hot chip remix) 2007: detroit boy done good gets the hot chip treatment on this beautiful track of unrequited love...the only kind i know.

10: turtles - happy together (wade nicholls edit) 2007: todd terje (as wade nicholls) adds some bump to this timeless summertime classic to make it mixable. belted this out in karaoke at our friend laurens birthday this year.

11: minilogue vs KAB - that's a nice way to give me feedback (wighnomy brothers mix) 2008: chunky and sexy. makes girls do the lambada. between the breakbeats and the oooooohhhhOOOOHooh vocal, it doesnt get much freakier. what happens after the sun sets over the serengeti. propels the mix into the next gear.

12: dj koze - let's help me 2004: from five years ago. sounds like its from 25 years from now. i cant actually find the right words to describe how much this track means to me. merely a sliver of the man's brilliance. quite possibly both his finest and most unappreciated release.

13: quixote - before i started to dance (prins thomas diskomikks) 2008: aside from my friends, i credit this song in getting me through my last break-up. it made me dance. it made me cry. it made me sing. it gave me hope. it epitomized my 2008. i couldnt listen to it for several months before making this mix. i had no choice but to include it.

14: dop - the genius of the crowd 2009: warning of exposing yourself to love from the crowded averages of life, this track reminds you that you that compromising your desires settling for anything puts you on a fast track to the middle.

15: doves - kingdom of rust (prins thomas diskomikks) 2009: the last 3 minutes of the previous tracks' vocals run over the shakers and chord changes of this as it begins. still get goosebumps every time i hear them together. with his warbling of the averages in life juxtaposed with minor chords, it just tears at my heartstrings. cello, hand claps, vocals of longing, minor chords, and a childrens piano combine to make me cry my eyes out. i couldnt think of a more perfect ending for this first part.

t-e-s said...

the bed (pt.2)

holding hands and making out earlier, this is the the bumpin' and grindin'. higher bpms, higher energy, sexier, dancier, less classy.

1: tiefschwarz feat. seth troxler - trust (2009): detroit homeboy on vocals spitting about vapid beotches that wont stay out of his shit. clearly doesnt take himself too seriously.

2: nick curly - pujante (2009): playing in LA tonight (10-23) he has seen his stock skyrocket at the hands of the percussion laden loop house that he and his record labels have championed out of Manheim, Germany. Build tension before release.

3:kiki - good voodoo (visionquest remix) 2009: visionquest = seth troxler and my neighbour at university ryan crosson. i probably wont ever stop playing this track. have had the hook and vocal jammed in my head since april. fluid and sexy. ladies love it like that cool j

4: prince - erotic city (1984): it's been well established that he is the greatest that will ever come out of minnesota.

5: chery - alex (nick curly mix) 2009: here we are again with this loop based percussive house. rolling and tight production keeps this track moving towards its late pay-off.

6: damian schwartz - some track i cant think of the name of 2009. this one is for jake and sauce. not off the "party" album from 2008 on net28.

7: michael jackson - billie jean (mihalis safras edit) 2008: MJ died a few days before i put this together. every dj in the world was spinning him that week...me too.

8: jamie jones - summertime (dub) 2009: this crushed everywhere in 2009. unleashed in miami in february this set out to, and succeeded in being the soundtrack to the summer.

9: jamie jones - summertime (original) 2009: prince influenced future funk from part-time LA resident Jones. see above

10: fred everything vs ted clarinet: retteket 2009: im now shamelessly into the party house realm. hands up for a summer anthem. horn loops always put smiles on faces.

11: lady gaga - pokerface (alex somethingorother late night edit) 2009: ok, i may get kicked out of the club for this one. pitched up this remix waaaay high to make it even usable. only then, and when combined with two other tracks is this track respectable. still, works nicely here.

t-e-s said...

12: joris voorn - sweep the floor (2009): had to use the first 3 minutes of this throughout pokerface to zazz it up a bit. this track went on to rule ibiza this past summer. i didnt see that one coming.

13: huner & lauhaus - truckin' (2009): vocal house that keeps the energy up as we get into darker territory. destined to be on several year end top 10 lists.

14: dplay - tsachka (2009): laced in the first 4 minutes of this over "truckin'" because the two go together better than peanut butter and jelly. match made in heaven. nu-disco fever here

15: pitto - sexvibe (2008): last yr dutch house got obsessed with looping the shit out of vocal segments and utilizing those elements several times throughout the track. this track showcases that style. the thick bass comes and smacks me in the gut.

16: inxec & matt tolfrey - just cant take it (2009): this is the point in the night where you walk back to the dancefloor after grabbing another beverage only to see pandemonium where there was once order. its all downhill from here and you have zero control. might as well just let go.

17: markus nikolai - bushes (doc martin mix) 2002: the unspoken lyric in this track is "love". seminal house track about promiscuity.

18: kasper - chicago (2009): having the identical drum patterns from the previous track made this inclusion a no brainer as we delve deeper. minimal house; not from chicago

19: steve poindexter - work that mutha fucker (1989): this hombre is from chicago. jackin beats like wow right here. included because it has the same drum patterns as...

20: dj koze - mrs bojangles (2009): not the easiest track to mix in but essential. from 2008 to 2009 dance music saw an influx of "serious deep house" music that spoke of how house music is pain. dj koze singlehandedly shit on that idea and trend with this track. nobody has played "serious deep house" since.

21: fest - sea lion woman (pitto bootleg mix) 2009: a nina simone track. she called it "see line woman"; not sure why feist coverted it and changed the name. pitto slams the shit out of this for a good 15 minutes....i used about 10.

22: audion - kisses (2003): the world's introduction to matthew dear's dancefloor deadly alias. first heard this when seth troxler (vocalist on track #1 of this mix and remixer of track #3) played in on my radio show in college. changed the way i feel about music in general. record sleeve for this one is a two-toned "magic eye" which turns out to be a vagina. you hear this in a club and people start fucking in corners. raw sex.